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Chunk is one of the main protagonists of The ZhuZhus. He is a grayish blue ZhuZhu and one of the Fab Four. He is voiced by Robert Tinkler.

Physical Appearance

Chunk is a chubby gray hamster with dark gray eyebrows and black eyes. He is the tallest of the Fab Four.[8] His birthmark is a sun because when Chunk smiles, he lights up the whole room.[7]


Chunk is a chubby but strong big eater. He can be dim-witted and inconsiderate at times but he has good intentions. He always admires the way he looks and calls himself handsome.



Frankie is Chunk's owner.

Mr. Squiggles

Chunk and Mr. Squiggles have been hinted towards them being best friends, but they aren't shown much together in the show.

Episode Appearances

Chunk has appeared in every episode. His first appearance was in "Happy Bounciversary."


  • Chunk's name is a pun on him being chunky.
  • This is the second time Chunk has made an Animated Appearance, First being in Quest For Zhu, the main difference being an updated appearance and a new owner than his 2008 counterpart.
  • In the episode [1]skat-lebrety chunk has been treating his friends slaves because he thinks it about him and Frankie when it's only about Frankie (Note: Never treat you friends slaves that is rude)


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