The gallery for Frankie Pamplemousse.

Season 1

Happy Bounciversary

Say It Don't Spray It

Home Run Hamsters

Chip off the Old Chunk


Janitor Day

Goldfish Fingers


Zombie Sleep Over

The No-Kart Race

Storming the Cat Castle

Ha Ha Hamsters


Zhuper Girl

Wingin' It


Dreams O'Clock

Badge to the Bone

Full Groan

The Shell Game

If Wishes Were Rainbows

Deja Zhu

A Total Bust a Move

The Grand Zhu Zhu Pets Hotel

Zhu Years Eve


The Pumpkin Whisperers

Zhuper Zhide Kicks

The Wrong Stuff

Chunklette's Web

Story Book It

Hairible Mistake

Weathering Heights

The Trashing of Zhuper Girl

Zhurassic Park

Hamster a la Kart

Zhu and Improved

The Unfortunate Cookie Crumbles

Now Zhu See Me, Now Zhu Don't

Walk a Mile in Our Zhus

Zhu Got Game

And the Hammy Goes To

Pranksters' Paradise

How Zhu Get Ahead In Advertising

Zhuper Girl In A Jam

Frankielocks And The 4 Zhus

Your Days Are Num Num Numbered

Zhus The Boss

Zhu Land


Season 1


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