Full Groan is the first half of the eleventh episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.


For a school project, the Zhus help Frankie decide what she wants to be when she grows up.



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The Zhuzhus, are almost done building a card house, Mr. Squiggles puts the last card on top and they try to keep it from falling. Frankie, then enters the room, and it almost falls then Mr. Squiggles breathes a sigh of relief, and that causes it to fall he then asks Frankie, what she was saying. She says she gets to do a presentation in front of the class about what she wants to be when she grows up, and can pick anything she wants. Then she says, that she has no idea what she wants to be. The Zhuzhus then give her ideas, she likes all of then though she can not decide on one, and decides to wait until the next day to decide.

The next morning Pipsqueak, asks her is she picked what she wants to be, she says she has a few ideas and decide she wants to be a pro athlete, Supermodel, Chef, Musician, and anything else she wants to be. The Zhuzhus think it is a good idea, and Frankie says that she might not know what to be, and when she decides they will help her make it happen. She then plays a game with Chunk, Mr. Squiggles, and Pipsqueak, while Num Nums paints.


In the United States, Full Groan premiered on January 22, 2017 on Disney Channel, Along with it's sister episode, The Shell Game.


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