"Happy Bounciversary" is the first segment of the first episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.


Frankie and the Zhus try to make her parents' anniversary a blast by planning their own, but they get stuck in a floating bouncy castle. [1]



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Ellen and Stanley talk about, what they are going to do to celebrate their anniversary. Frankie, excited to hear about it, decides that she wants to do something special for her parents. First, she and the Zhus, decorate the kitchen and make a special drink for them which they do not like, then Frankie plays the violin which does not turn out well. Then, Frankie and the Zhus bring Ellen and Stanley to a bounce house, which she calls a castle for dinner. When Ellen and Stanley enter the Bounce House, Num Nums give them their menus, and the only thing listed on them is the sandwich surprise so they get that. They, then get the sandwiches, before they can eat them, though Num Nums wants Chunk to add ketchup to them. While getting it, Chunk trips and falls on one of the nails holding the bounce house down, he calls them dangerous, and decides to pull them all out of the ground, which makes the bounce house begin to float. Ellen, Stanley, and Num Nums begin to panic when they realize they are in the air. Frankie gets mad at Chunk and tells him, he needs to go rescue them since it is his fault. Mr. Squiggles makes a cannon to put Chunk in that, will send him to the bounce house. At first, Chunk tries to tie a rope to the bounce house, which will stop it from flying, while doing that, he pulls off the cover of the air hole on the bottom of it, which causes it to deflate, and fly around in the air as a result of it. Chunk, then blows air back into the bounce house, which causes it to slow down, and float safely to the ground on a hill in the woods. They, then have a picnic on the hill, and Ellen and Stanley say Frankie gave them a anniversary they will never forget.


Trivia/Cultural References

  • The title of the episode is a pun on the phrase "Happy Anniversary."


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