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Everything I do, I do fast!

Izzy is a pink-furred hamster with black head hair and a yellow flower earring she alternates between ears. She is the drummer for the Zhu-riff-ics in Zhu Land.


She is cool and likes to do things fast.


Izzy is about the same size as Pipsqueak. She has purple fur with a white spot on her belly, and has dark purple hair with a flower on it.


Frankie Chunk Mr. Squiggles Num Nums Pipsqueak

She has a good relationship with them. She seems to have a close bond with Num Nums because they both like knitting.

Queen Star and Harvey

She has a good relationship with them. Though she can get mad at them sometimes.


  • Knitting
  • Playing Drums



  • The magazine shows the flower below her right ear (left side of screen) but on TV it is below her left ear (right side of screen) meaning she changes where she puts it.


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