Well that's unfortunate...
―Mr. Squiggles

Mr. Squiggles is one of the main protagonists of The ZhuZhus. He is an orange ZhuZhu and one of the Fab Four. He is voiced by Richard Binsley.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Squiggles is an orange hamster with a belt around his waist and wrinkles under his eyes. He has dark brown eyebrows and brown eyes. He is taller than Num Nums and smaller than Chunk.[7] His birthmark is a spiral because his mind is always spinning with new ideas.[6]


Mr. Squiggles is a smart and resourceful lover of science. He invents machines that help out the others in need.



Frankie is Mr. Squiggles' owner.


Mr. Squiggles and Chunk are best friends, but their relationship isn't shown much in the show.

Episode Appearances

Mr. Squiggles has appeared in every episode. His first appearance was in "Happy Bounciversary."


Originally, Mr. Squiggles wears a cape in Generation 1, but it is replaced with a belt.


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