This is no time to get scared.
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Num Nums is one of the main protagonists of The ZhuZhus. She is a purple ZhuZhu and one of the Fab Four. She is voiced by Stephany Seki.

Physical Appearance

Num Nums is a purple hamster with pink glasses, black eyelashes, dark purple eyebrows, and green eyes. She is taller than Pipsqueak and smaller than Mr. Squiggles.[4] Her birthmark is a heart because she "wears it on her sleeve."[3]


Num Nums is shy and a cautious thinker. She isn't daring, contrary to her bestie Pipsqueak.



Frankie is Num Nums' owner.


Num Nums and Pipsqueak are best friends. They've been together since they were pink and hairless (which were their original names).[3]


Num Nums gets annoyed at Chunk's antics.


The skunk was Num Nums' friend. In "Say It Don't Spray It," she defended the skunk and tried to convince Frankie's parents to keep him. She also gave him her phone number. She felt upset when the skunk ran away while the others tried to cheer her up.


Num Nums was scared of Walter, but eventually she befriends him.

Wilfred Kerdle

In "Home Run Hamsters," Num Nums doesn't like Wilfred due to him calling her a runt and other names. She then attacks him so the Zhus can run away. But in "Janitor Day" she and the Zhus try to befriend him.

Episode Appearances

Num Nums has appeared in every episode. Her first appearance was in "Happy Bounciversary."


  • Num Nums has a phone number.[5]
  • As with Chunk, Num Nums was too a Zhu from "Generation 1", However she has a drastically Different look to her original counterpart, Being purple instead of Grey, and Having pink Glasses instead of a small flower ring
  • Num Nums is the first hamster with glasses


Num Nums being called S1E1a
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