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Pipsqueak is one of the main protagonists of The ZhuZhus. She is a female hamster and a member of the Fab Four.


Pipsqueak is Frankie's first hamster and the "unofficial" leader of the ZhuZhus.[3]


Pipsqueak is a faithful, adventurous, and daring tomboy who likes sports and daring activities. The team always depends on her for new ideas.

In The Pumpkin Whisperers she shudders at the thought of eagles.


Pipsqueak is a yellow hamster with black eyelashes, dark green eyebrows, and light blue eyes. She is the smallest of the Fab Four.[6] Her birthmark is a shooting star because she is always firing with enthusiasm and new ideas.[3]



Frankie is Pipsqueak's owner. Pipsqueak is very loyal to Frankie, as she was her first hamster.[3] In "Home Run Hamsters" she is seen happily crying in her locker once she sees an image of the Zhus.

In "Skate-lebrity" Pipsqueak is seen worried about Frankie because of Chunk making her focus on her looks more than her stunts. She wanted to help Frankie as well, but Chunk gave her minor things to help her with.

Num Nums

Pipsqueak and Num Nums are best friends. They've been together since they were pink and hairless (which were their original names).[3]


Pipsqueak gets annoyed at Chunk's antics. In "The Wrong Stuff" she comments on how annoying Chunk is when trying to convince him that Frankie and the Zhus aren't aliens.


Their friendship isn't really shown.


Pipsqueak grew to like Walter as shown in Walter-Gate, but she doesn't like his dog kisses.


Pipsqueak has appeared in every episode. Her first appearance was in "Happy Bounciversary."


  • Pipsqueak's name is a pun on her size, being the smallest of the other Zhus.
  • Her name is misspelled as "Pipsqueek" on the official website.
  • Pipsqueak shares her color scheme with her original counterpart from the generation 1.


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