The following is a transcript for the episode Say It Don't Spray It.

Pipsqueak: Another super duper fun day at the park!
Mr. Squiggles: Yahoo!
Num Nums: Yay!
Chunk: Alright!
Pipsqueak: Last one out close the tube!
Mr. Squiggles: Last one out close the tube!
Num Nums: Last one out close the tube!
Chunk: Last one out close the tube!
Pipsqueak: What's that smell? (sniffs) Bleurgh! (coughs)
Num Nums: Rotten eggs?
Mr. Squiggles: Polly's tennis shoes?
Chunk: Hmm…maybe a fancy cheese?
Pipsqueak: (gasps) SKUNK!!!
Chunk: No, Chunk. C-H-U-N…
Pipsqueak: Behind you! LOOK!!!!!
Chunk: (scream)
Mr. Squiggles: Shhhh. Gather around. It's presentation time! Biggest…stinkest…terrible as…smellest…animalest…(coughs)
Pipsqueak: You mean skunk, right?
Mr. Squiggles: …is a wild animal…from the wild…that releases a highly odorest spray…when freaked or startled. (coughs) Say, by a large screaming hamster!!!
Num Nums: Well that sounds reasonable.
Mr. Squiggles: It sprays at any sudden movement.
Pipsqueak: We're ZhuZhus, Squiggles! Sudden movements are all we make!
Mr. Squiggles: True. Well, that concludes my presentation.
Chunk: OW!!!!
Mr. Squiggles: Shhhh.
Chunk: (whispers) Ow!
Pipsqueak: Having a furry stinkbomb in the house is a bad idea. We need to get rid of it before Polly gets home! Look, he's trying to hide. He must be nervous.
Chunk: (gasps) On no! Does he spray when he's nervous?
Mr. Squiggles: No! I said freaked or startled! Please pay better attention during my presentations!
Num Nums: I'm gonna got tell that skunk everything's okay.
Mr. Squiggles: Uh oh. I would not advise that.
Pipsqueak: Hey, better her than us.
Chunk: This can go wrong. Hilariously wrong! (laughs)
Num Nums: Hey there, fella. You're okay. It's okay. Yeah yeah! I knew it! He's friendly! He obviously followed us back for a reason: friendship. We can't just send him back to the wild.
Mr. Squiggles: May I point out that the very first thing I said in my presentation was that he is wild, from the wild.
Pipsqueak: And he can make the whole house smell like shoe soup for weeks.
Num Nums: But he won't. Will you, buddy? See? We can keep him. As long as we never let him get startled. Easy.
Polly: SCHOOL DAY OVER!!! (laughs) My teacher said I was due allowed today! And I said "What!?" (laughs)
Mr. Squiggles: I could use a little help here.
Chunk: I really prefer to see how this plays out.
Mr. Squiggles: Whoaaaaaaaaa!
Chunk: Fine. I never get to have any fun.
Pipsqueak: Polly! Shhhhh!
Num Nums: It's okay, buddy. That's Polly. She's not gonna hurt you.
Polly: Is that a skunk?
Num Nums: Heh heh heh...
Polly: Cool!
Num Nums: So, we can keep him forever?
Polly: Oh Num Nums, he is cute, but I don't think Dad's gonna let us keep a skunk.
Num Nums: We'll see about that.
Num Nums: In closing, I would add that this skunk, given the chance, would be a fantastic addition to this wonderful, and loving family. So I beg you, look into your heart. Please, look into your heart!
Polly's Dad: That was beautiful, Num Nums.
Num Nums: So, we can keep him?


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