"Say It Don't Spray It" is the second segment of the first episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.[2]


The Zhus get stuck in the wild after a skunk shows up in their house.



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When the Zhus are coming home from the park, a Skunk follows them to their home. The Zhus begin to notice the Skunk's odor and wonder what it is coming from. Pipsqueak, then turns around, and notices there is a Skunk and screams. Chunk, unaware of the Skunk behind him, thinks that Pipsqueak is mispronouncing his name. Mr. Squiggles and Num Nums, then notice the Skunk and back away in fear, while Pipsqueak tells Chunk to look behind him. Chunk notices the Skunk and screams, which causes the Skunk to prepare to spray the Zhus to protect it self. Mr. Squiggles, then begins his presentation time, which he educates the other three on Skunks, while he is doing that, the Skunk stops being afraid and starts to walk around the room.

After the presentation is over, the Zhus want to get rid of it except for Num Nums, who tells the Skunk everything is okay and decides she wants him to stay. She then tries to hid him from Frankie, however, she finds the Skunk and tells Num Nums that her dad will not let it stay and he puts it in a cage in the back of his truck, and takes it back to the woods. Frankie, seeing how upset Num Nums is, lets her and the other Zhus ride in the back of the truck with the Skunk. On their way back to the woods, the Skunk and the Zhus fall out of the truck, and into a part of the woods away from the Skunk's home.

Num Nums, thinking the Skunk while help them find Frankie, decides to let him out of his cage, however, he abandons them and leaves them to find Frankie themselves. Later, Frankie notices that the Skunk and the Zhus are going and has her dad help her find them.

Pipsqueak, then has the Zhus climb to higher ground so they can get a better idea of where they are, instead, they climb onto a Moose, which panics and runs around the woods, until Stanley does his moose call, which has the Moose run to Frankie and her Dad. They celebrate that they found each other, while doing that, the Skunk runs into them and gets scared, which make it spray them. They decide to camp out for a week until the smell goes away.


In the United States, "Say It Don't Spray It" aired on September 12, 2016 at 4:15 PM EDT on the Disney Channel, along with its sister episode, "Happy Bounciversary." The episode was also released early to iTunes as a preview.

In Australia and New Zealand, the episode will air on February 13, 2017 at 4:00 PM on the Disney Channel, along with its sister episode, "Happy Bounciversary."[3]

In the Czech Republic and Hungary, the episode will air on March 6, 2017 at 17:00 CET on the Disney Channel, along with its sister episode, "Happy Bounciversary."[4]


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