Stanley Pamplemousse is Frankie's father. Stanley and his wife work as plumbers.


He lives with his wife, and his daughter Frankie.


Stanley Pamplemousse has brown hair with hazel eyes with glasses. He also wears an orange shirt.


An instance of "Stanley" being spoken has not yet been located. This name supposedly appears in closed captions attributing something he says in an early American "Polly" version of an episode. It does not appear in the later Canadian "Frankie" version of said episode.

Aside from his daughter Frankie calling him dad:

  • Zhu Got Game, Pipsqueak: "I did get more cereal stuck to dad's face than anyone else in history."
  • And the Hammy Goes To, Squiggles: "Wow. Dad has the voice of an angel."


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