The Shell Game is the second half of the eleventh episode of season 1 of Polly and the Zhu Zhu Pets.


When Frankie breaks her fourth skateboard, and the Zhus inform her of her klutziness (she punched trophies off the shelf above her bed while dancing to Dreams O'Clock) her parents cut a deal that if she goes a week without breaking an egg, she can get another one.



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Frankie, talks to Pipsqueak, about her school day she says, it was great until two minutes ago when she broke her skateboard. She then asks them for a new skateboard Ellen, and Stanley, say they are not getting her a new skateboard until she learns to take better care of her belongings. Ellen, says she has been breaking a lot of things lately.

Ellen, gives her an egg and says if she can keep it safe she will get a new skateboard. It then shows Frankie, ate breakfast celebrating her egg not being broken. She then breaks it while eating and has to restart all over. The Zhuzhus, offer to help her though she refuses it, and says she needs to do the challenge on her own. She continues breaking them and the Zhuzhus, say she needs their help.

They then say, they will keep the egg from breaking in seven days before her and she accepts. The eggs continue breaking and they decide to stop the challenge, and apologize to her about thinking it is easy. And then Mr. Squiggles, says she won't get a new egg until she is 643 years old if she keeps breaking eggs. She then asks if the Zhuzhus, can help her and Stanley, says she can have them help and part of being responsible, is knowing when to ask for help.

She then makes it to the last day, and wakes up. She then brings the egg into the living room, while doing that she slips and the egg falls out of her hands, she and the Zhuzhus then try to catch it, and Frankie, is able to catch it. Stanley then gives her the skateboard for completing the challenge, and she grabs it and drops the egg, she says she will be more responsible. Stanley then asks Ellen, what is for breakfast.


In the United States, The Shell Game premiered on January 22, 2017 on Disney Channel, Along with it's sister episode, Full Groan


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