Frankie: (narrating while raking lawn) It was a peaceful day in Anytown. The young yet sophisticated, and mature, Frankie Pamplemousse was tending her lawn when suddenly...
Pipsqueak: (holding a toy panda) "Help!"
Num Nums: (holding a toy lion) "Aah, it's all flamey and stuff!"
Chunk: (holding a toy elephant) "Building on fire!"
Mr. Squiggles: (holding a toy monkey) "Help!"
Frankie: This is a job for... (puts on mask) Zhuper Girl!
Stanley: Uh, are you talking to me, sweetie?
Frankie: No, dad. I'm on a Zhuper Girl adventure!
Zhus: (showing themselves behind the toys) Hello!
Stanley: Oh-oh-oh, sorry "Zhuper Girl." Yeah, are you still gonna rake the lawn?
Frankie: Dad, come on! Raking is not really a job for Zhuper Girl! (gives the Zhus a signal)
Zhus: Aww...
Frankie gives Stanley a pouting face and sniffles.
Stanley: (sighs) Fair enough. (walks away)
Frankie: Thanks! (gives the Zhus another signal)
The Zhus laugh and cover their faces again with the toys.
Frankie: (narrating) Zhuper Girl ??? the fire, but this is too much rescuing for one hero. Luckily she has help from...
Pipsqueak: Turbo McCuddles!
Num Nums: Knitwit!
Mr. Squiggles: Eye Wear Mishap Man!
Chunk: And the Incredible Hunk!c
The Zhus cheer as they come down the slide.
Frankie: Let's get rescuing.
Mr. Squiggles: Alright, I'll call the fire department. Let's see. Area code 5, 5, 5... Hey, I can barely see with these things! (chuckles) Irony.
Madge: (offscreen) Ha!
Frankie: Huh?
Madge: Wow. My nerdy neighbor Frankie thinks she's a superhero? (laughs)
Frankie: Hi Madge. Want to play with us? We could both be superheroes.
Madge: No. I don't want to play. And no one could ever consider you a superhero. Not in that side get up.
Frankie: Nah, I'm pretty sure I nailed it.
Madge: Nuh-huh.
Frankie: Yuh-huh.
Madge: Nuh-huh!
Frankie: Yuh-huh!
Madge: Nuh-huh!
Frankie: Yuh-huh.
Madge: Ugh! Then prove it.
Pipsqueak: (angrily) You're gonna need a hero in a second! (runs over to her)
Frankie holds Pipsqueak back while she grunts.
Madge: Ugh!
Frankie: It's okay, Pipsqueak. Ignore her. Let's go to the park.
Madge: (scoffs) You're gonna wear that in public? (laughs and runs back to her tea party) How lame is that? (chuckles)
Princess Tickyboo: (walking away) Meow!
Madge: Princess Tickyboo! Back to the table immediately. Manners. (sips a tea cup with pinky out)
Princess Tickyboo: Meow...
Frankie: Okay. Where were we?
Pipsqueak: The building was burning down.
Num Nums: But we're in a park now! A park can't burn down... Can it?
Chunk: Sure. You just got to imagine harder.
Chunk grunts as he tries to imagine the park burning down, opens his eyes, and falls to the floor in surprise at the sight of Mr. Squiggles' glasses. A man is walking by drinking out of a cup and carelessly tosses it in the garbage can. The Zhus gasp as the can almost missing the can.
Frankie: Woah...
The can falls on the floor.
Frankie: Excuse me, you dropped something.
The man ignores Frankie.
Frankie: Sir? Hey! (runs fast and catches up to him) Not so fast, litterbug! No one trashes the park when Zhuper Girl's around! (sweetly) Please pick up your cup.
Man: (nervously) I uh, uh... I was going to. (walks backwards) Really! (throws can into the garbage can)
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