Zhu Land is the 26th episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus. This episode is also the season finale of Season 1.


Pipsqueak is excited to hear the Zhu-riff-ics' new song. Frankie notices them in Howling Hamster Magazine.


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Frankie And the Zhus are excited to see the Zhu-riff-ics new music video We Zhus Are One. After they watch the video, Frankie and the Zhus talk about how happy they are they got tickets to the Zhu-riff-ics concert tomorrow. After that they hear that the Zhu-riff-ics broke up and there will not be a concert. Frankie and the Zhus wake up during the night, to find a tube in her room. She and the Zhus, decide they want to go down it. It leads them to Zhu Land, a magical world created by Frankie. There they meet the Zhu-riff-ics. Frankie asks, why they broke up, and they tell her that a giant named Midge the Mighty took all of their musical instruments. The Zhu-riff-ics members, try to get their instruments back their own way but none of them are successful. After that they work together and succeed at getting the musical instruments back. They then decide to reform. Frankie and the Zhus then leave, and wake up, thinking it is a dream, until they hear it on the radio that they are back together. Then Frankie, her parents, and the Zhus, sing along to their song as it is played on the radio.





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