Zhu Years Eve is the first half of the thirteenth episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.[1]


Frankie and the Zhus stay up for the New Years without napping. [2]



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Ellen, tells Frankie good morning, Stanley then gives them pancakes for breakfast, and Frankie is happy that it is new years eve. Frankie, then asks her parents how they celebrate new years. She then goes to decorate for New years. Pipsqueak, then says she still does not get what New years eve is all about and Frankie, tells her what it is about.

Pipsqueak, then asks Frankie what they do when it turns midnight, and Frankie says that for the last 10 seconds they count, and they everyone says happy new year. they continue decorating and get the snacks ready however Chunk, begins eating the, which angers The other ZhuZhus. Frankie and the ZhuZhus then make their New Year resolutions, afterwards they do a fashion show, after that Frankie shows them the decorations and the snacks Pipsqueak, says she thinks there are not enough snack and Ellen, says they are more than enough.

Her parents, then tell her to take a nap she can not get to sleep and Wakes Pipsqueak, up then Mr. Squiggles and Num Nums wake up. Pipsqueak decides to stay awake and help Frankie, find a idea for what to do on New Years Eve. Afterwards Ellen, says it is time for dinner and they go to the kitchen to eat.

Afterwards she and the ZhuZhus, begin their New Years Party. though Frankie, falls asleep on the couch before it starts. Ellen, and the ZhuZhus then continue putting up decorations while she sleeps. Pipsqueak, then wakes her up 10 seconds before the new year starts and she her parents and the ZhuZhus count down to the new year. Frankie, then thanks her parents for waking her up.


In the United States, Zhu Years Eve aired on January 7, 2017 at 9:30 AM EST on Disney Channel, along with its sister episode, Lookies for Cookies.


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